May 2 2015

No Greater Wisdom

New FREE mp3 download - just for you ...

No Greater Wisdom: New FREE mp3 download - just for you

‘... in conversation ... a viewpoint ...’

... ‘ I am absolutely thrilled to announce that the new album is now released! Plus really very excited at great response so far! Am really looking forward to performing the new songs live this year too, there is a whole new, fragile and at the same time Impactful dynamic that happens live that studio recording cannot always capture. Its just so real, once sung, once played the note is gone, its out there! cannot be tweaked or made better like in a recording studio, its free to do what ever God wants to do with it -
I love that!’

The New Album..,

.. its about Love...its about God..its about People...

Over the last year I have met and listened to some remarkable people, visited unusual
places all of which became a part of writing messages on what is love, where does it come
from and finding that connection in music to the soul of a person which is such a part of
Gods love and grace to me, it is an outrageous Grace that I wanted to capture in melody.

Whilst visiting a Prison in Northern Ireland I was challenged in spaces I was never aware I
had within me - Walking in I was questioning myself in which way I could possibly identify
in these peoples situations, their levels of frustration..

I realized I really couldnʼt understand experientially and I had never felt so overwhelmingly

Then I was reminded of the first time I looked at my minutes old baby held so fragile in my
arms and that same deep sense of wanting to connect with something that was so
overwhelming ... In that thought I was touched through by my faith as I remembered the
new birth .. the new hope .. the new life beginnings that I had found in Christ in the
middle of my totally inadequate messy life and the fantastic gift of grace that He offered to
me. Somehow I now knew that was what I could sing and talk about in this situation! -

The Father showed me that before HIM we are all, everyone, absolutely everyone, fallen,
imperfect people and that equalizes you to everyone doesn´t it! Only God can do that!

The track ʻ Love Soldiersʼ speaks a bit about that...

It was an incredible experience sharing and meeting men and hearing their stories and
being able to offer something of Hope that is found in the grace and love offered us in
Christ and the choice to walk a different road - a narrow Road - and find a peace with God
and thereafter, ourselves.

Mistakes all have a price, some men agreed. You do something wrong, something thats
against the law, yes, there must be a rule that teaches you whatʼs right and wrong and
punishment is made, but chatting to some inmates I was disturbed by the repetition of
crimes that they were doing, some had been back over 6 times! Sheer will power was
not working. It only gets you so far But, right there running directly alongside their tracks I
saw this great hope of God.

He alone, can open the eyes of your heart in-order to find a true and lasting
staggering change. This experience inspired me to write Narrow Road and cover the
song ʻ PEOPLE GET READYʼ ( there´s a train coming) and the different track you can find.
The Son of God came and paid the price for the punishment of our errors, Jesus paid the
ticket - he took it all because God said I will show my love in that while people are far from
me, messing up, struggling or repeating error after error, I sent my Son to die for them and
to reconcile people back to me and bring change! ...

So, the album THIS IS LOVE...

its about love ...its about God ...its about People !



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