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The Event - From Fame 2 Freedom


Since Yazz’s conversion through the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, Yazz has become a passionate woman subject to the call and gift that Christ has given her. As a contemporary Christian recording artist, she is reaching out across many social and cultural communities reaching men, woman and many young people through music and speaking. Through both these platforms we see her speaking out sincerely in a world of much insincerity and her `fromFame2Freedom` evenings see many lives changed.

At these events we like to create a personal atmosphere through an intimate interview style backdrop and interspersed with songs and contemporary visuals. Yazz shares both a sensitive and honest look into her becoming famous, sharing amusing anecdotes but also its true price and revealing how her life became messed up, dissatisfied, empty and the various faith journeys she then joined until finally finding the one true God through Jesus Christ culminating into her recognition of her need for repentance. It is a compelling victory story! The evening usually lasts for about 1 hour 45 minutes with songs and runs without an interval with an interviewer. The format of the evenings are contemporary and can include her full band or variations on a simpler set discussed.

‘ I get excited and inspired to write contemporary songs that can connect with God´s truth and the person on the street. Having met many men and women all over the world who are thirsty for music that's good, honest, real and touches the deep places I am assured that these evenings are right on track! These are desperate times globally and hearts are desperate for truth and answers to the bigger questions and these evenings address many of those questions through fantastic music and through a way God says is a powerful and personal connection… our stories! ’ …

This Ministry has so far led Yazz and the team into Prisons, Clubs, Conferences, Churches’ missions and Schools all uniquely using Yazz’ fame experience to reach out across all ages and groups purposefully.

If you would like to know more about fromFame2Freedom Ministry or are interested in Yazz speaking at your event, please do contact: Valerie Webb.

Valerie Webb
Yazz Management



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