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Am guessing your heading for a place of music and
chilled relief from the often bewildering world!

Me Too!

I am Yasmin or otherwise known as Yazz, a nickname since I can remember, mama of a gift given, a daughter and a niece, a sister and a woman who found belonging and grace in a King!

.. My passion really is all about the creative...
Creative Music, art, design, people! It took awhile to
find but I know now as clear as day that I have been
wired up particularly to singing and song writing with the passionate hope to drop messages wrapped in real experiences that could possibly touch hearts.
I have come to believe that music matters so much
that its intrinsic to a higher quality of life and that songs
that hold truth can literally change lives!

It is profound and compelling to find poetry in praise
that can effect a soul for always, for all of eternity!
It’s staggering and humbling and I look around
and say heh what humbles us anymore?
and that's what drives me most, faith inside music.

When I hear from you of the cherishing of some of mine, well, I am constantly humbled..,
really humbled and proves to me time and time again that God can take a messy, confused, broken life and cause something better!

I started singing long ago I can’t exactly remember how old I was but mixed in there were a number of messages to my life growing up, some were joyful, others contentious, painful and confused..the norm!
My Father was Jamaican and my Mother English, all around was colour, sound, scents and passion! Dad was passionate about family and cricket, Mum about keeping us clean! My siblings dancing, sport and of course - ‘soul foooood!’

I can remember music was in every corner of our home ...I seemed to be cradled in its arms from so young. Suffering was close too, mixed race marriages were new and a real tough stumbling for some ... writing a poem sometime around the age of 9 I remember I was trying to express pain in the midst of love somehow! It wasn’t a mind-blowing moment but it was a turning point of sorts for me .. I seemed to have found a way to release expressions within, outwardly! So, by the time I got my lips close to a mic I had a good few ‘tings to sing about!!!

Song writing feels like painting pictures .. blank canvases with the promise of something about to become alive .. much like salvation in many ways..and the process of beginning a project from its birth through to holding the end product in your hand is like a promise given. Heart thoughts believed for, worked on and then achieved...I believe potential is in all people and with faith - achievable!

Yes, music coloured my life and music saved me many times .. but not from falling.
All I did came from the music .. it became my identity, but just wasn’t enough...

Then I found the one who spoke music into being, INTO BEING!
That changes you, your innermost, your being, your purpose, your living! It is simply
liberating finding faith and fusing this relationship with your passion! Consider what
comes out is nothing like you could possibly imagine because its from a new source a deep eternal staggering place you never knew existed!
There is a place in music that comes inspired in relationship to God - Colours you never knew existed, notes that transform, harmonies to be dared for..

In the beginning God created.. genesis 1: 1
O, Fantastic God!

It's good to journey here a while with you .., Thanks for listening and dropping by ...

"Everyone has a story; a path that you have led or are leading, mine somehow seems to have become intertwined with yours, like a giant jigsaw we have locked in together and I find that just another extraordinary explosion of the Father God’s marvellous unsearchable ways that simply are not ours"

Yazz Biography

The Co-produced album entitled RUNNING BACK TO YOU, inspired by Yazz becoming a committed Christian, was personally describe as:

´ … a total creative necessity after finding and sharing conversations with
The Supreme Being , GOD!´

Working with gifted musicians from Spain to Ireland and the UK, the album was recorded and mixed in the U.K at H.L.Studios and found her rewarded with - UK Best Contemporary Christian Artist Award 2009. Eclectic in genres from Jazz to Latin, and featured inspirational keyboardist: Mark Johnston.

The album marked a new direction for Yazz in both her personal Christian life and her music. Passionate about the two she found her new journey was unexpectedly leading her into sharing about her fame, its highs and lows and discovering an unprecedented peace in the midst of it all. An extraordinary ministry had begun and continues to grow:

‘ In 2008 I was starting to be invited into events at schools, conferences, missions even Clubs everywhere … People wanted to know what was going on in my life and what had happened. By 2009 I was performing with a small rhythm section in various places and situations and seeing just unimaginable moments arise!

Then in 2010I found myself in a high security Prison - chatting and singing to men whose hearts were destroyed through crime and a# its shame. What can I possibly offer here, I thought. I have no experiential knowledge of any of this….then I remembered how broken and wounded I was with no hope and just the strong conviction of my errors and how
there is One who brings hope and peace with God - Christ . That's what I shared and that was what I was there for. Don’t believe the words - Big men don’t cry! These journeys are what drive and motivate me, the team and the music ´

A particular styled evening has grown out of Yazz’s music and story.


This is Yazz’s 2nd Exciting Gospel Album and has been released October 2011 Produced by Yazz and recorded this time in Spain at P.House Studios. Tracks include two stunning covers one of Fleetwood Macs SONGBIRD and Bob Marley’s REDEMPTION SONG and features internally renown sax player Gary Barnacle ( McCartney, Madness, Byork, James Brown, Jamiroqui, Level 42, Style council, Tina Turner.)


Yazz presently lives in Spain and has been a Christian for 11 years and is ministering in her church as Worship leader at an English speaking Baptist Church. Travelling across to Africa and Ireland, Switzerland and the UK, her work continues to see her invited to sing and talk about her profound and passionate faith and how it has brought her to find Gods peace and purpose in a desperate and changing world.

She is preparing her first book: an inspirational collection of real life stories from women she has met personally and inspired her in their own faiths experiences through good and bad. She hopes it will be useful tool for women on their life journeys to read just what real faith in Jesus Christ maintains in anyone's life.


Yazz was born Yasmin Evans grew up in West London with part Jamaican and English heritage she recalls and relates in her testimony evenings delightful stories of West Indian ‘ Soul Food’ and their first religion… ’Cricket! ’

Yazz’s pop career spanned over 15 years, Her last pop live recording performance was at The Royal Albert Hall 2003, a tribute concert to Burt Bacharach and Hal David, Yazz was invited to sing her rendition of their song ‘Do you know the way to San Jose’...

Gold disc and a Platinum disc came during the 90’s following the release of her first chart single ‘Docterin’ the house ‘ and the success of her first Album ‘wanted”...with the No.1 single ‘The Only way is up’ reaching No 1 for 6 weeks in the UK charts and international charts. It was during those fame years that she began to take a long hard look at her life during the making of her third Album, and entering that ‘narrow roads’ journey, as she describes it....becoming deeply saddened and despondent with personal events, the recording hype and finding herself in emotional physical turmoil she began seeking answers to soul searching questions on faith and life’s purpose. “ I was desperate to find truth ... desperate for meaning and real purpose to my life I wanted to find who was God… where was God, which God, what God, whose God!...


From FAME2FREEDOM evenings are taking Yazz quietly into the the lives of people once again but this time with a cause that is inspiring and life changing for many.

Forthcoming are performing live Concerts.
Attending Christian Conferences, Missions, Women's Events, Prisons and Speaking engagements.

She was recently filmed on Songs of Praise duetting with Aled Jones.
For all upcoming events click here - ( events page)





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