Since Yazz’s salvation in Christ Jesus, her passion for music and people has deepened through the redemptive work of Christ on the Cross and His resurrection.

As a recording artist, I have always seen myself an artist in development. You are always shaping, refining, exploring new arenas along your music story. I was found by Christ firstly, as a sinner in search of God’s existence and then an explosion happened to me as an artist. My whole world view was illuminated. Christianity reveals the truth about everything, life, death and beyond. My heart woke to a new perspective of being alive and the higher purposes of being here on the planet and after it. All my passion for people, music, and messages was infused, ignited by a fire that thundered in my being. It was spectacular. As a singer-songwriter I could not separate the creative in me from the creator, I was compelled to fuse the two.”

Yazz’s faith journey led her to record her first Contemporary Christian albums voicing her adventures in music through life-stories.

Something natural began to evolve after I released my first Gospel Album. Invitations to perform and talk about my experience as an artist with faith happened. It felt natural, uncontrived and quite beautiful.”

fromfame2freedom concert events were born.

In creating a backdrop of an intimate style atmosphere through an interviewer with the artist, these evenings are always different, sensitive and powerful. Her personality and music reach out to many social and cultural communities of all ethnicities and all age groups.

Everyone has a story; mine comes through life and love – songs with a victorious ending...”

Her journey reveals the raw honesty of growing up in a mixed cultural, low-income family getting to grips with living, to entering the fast-paced music industry. Arriving to experience fame and acclaim and discovering a vacuum that no amount of money, work or relationships could fill, finally culminated in her searching for the real purpose behind it all. Through many paths, Yazz eventually found her recognition of Christ as Saviour to the World and her need for repentance.

It was unsurpassed what I discovered in the person of Jesus Christ. Who is He? Why did He come? Does it make any difference to me? Hand to heart, I tell you, voicing the story that happened to me is an honor and a privilege.

At her heart is the desire to see people’s lives engaging in knowing Jesus Christ in their daily life, learning about God and entering into a growing relationship inside all the everyday issues of life and live in the passionate love of God at each step.

“… it is humbling to listen to many after event stories, to see people’s lives deeply touched and see the Gospel message meet people right where they are. My story about becoming a singer, making it to international acclaim, and appearing to have everything this world system says is important when, in reality, an ever-deepening void was growing and I remained yearning for an inner peace and an authentic sense of satisfaction that eluded me. No amount of quick fixes lasted. I think it’s a very present story for many. You know.., everyone has a story, and crossing into other people’s pages of their book is always something special. Good things happen, choices get made… new chapters can begin.

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